Busting The Common Myths On Data Science


Big Data & Analytics are  among the rapidly growing industries at present. Technologies like Data Science, AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning are very much in-demand & are also revolutionizing the world beyond any leaps. As the hype around these analytics technologies is quite real, but certain myths that keep making the rounds are needed to be busted

Let’s discuss some of the commonly heard myths in the Data Science industry.

Commonly Heard Big Data Myths

Some of the most frequently heard Data Science myths are

  • Big Budget, Big Teams, Big Platforms
  • Machines Are Better Than Humans

Let’s take a look at each one of these myths

  • Big Budget, Big Teams, Big Platforms

One of the common misconceptions regarding Data Science is that to extract & analyze the data companies require Big Budget, Big Teams & Big Platforms. They think that Big Data & analytics are only for large scale industries or enterprises that have a huge budget.

This is just a myth, while the actual truth being that it doesn’t require much to get started with Big Data. A lot of companies that are having minimal revenue & resources are registering a lot of profits by merely deploying Data Science analytics models to processes & extract insights from their data. These companies are taking many revolutionary leaps forward.

  • Machines Are Better Than Humans

Another commonly heard misconception about Data Science or Machine Learning or AI technologies makes machines far superior to humans.  People think that machines will be taking over most of the jobs which are so far being handled by humans, leaving them unemployed.

Well, the truth is that machines are only capable of doing what a human tells them to do. There will always be a need for humans in the equation, at least for the foreseeable future.

Another myth regarding Data Science or any other analytics technologies is that the skills in these technologies are tough to master. This is also just a myth like the others. The fact is that by being a part of the advanced Data Science Training In Hyderabad program by Analytics Path, mastering the cognitive skills in Data Science & its relevant technologies like AI/ML & Deep Learning has become a lot easier and precise.