Perfection for the Essential Crypto Trading

Perfection for the Essential Crypto Trading


As an extra security you can also consider changing the operating system of your PC. Operating systems such as Linux and Unix are generally a lot more secure than Windows.

Think of difficult passwords

This is the basic tip that you see reflected in all security tips, but certainly too little is being implemented. How often do people have to tell? “Welkom2018” is NOT a good password for your cryptocurrency exchange! Think of a good password of about 10 characters that contains both uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Remembering your new password will take some getting used to, but you will gain a lot in terms of security.

Use 2 factor authentication where possible

Many cryptocurrency exchanges and web wallets offer the possibility to secure your account with 2 factor authentication. Two factor authentication means that you will have to verify every login with a different authentication apart from your regular username and password. The most used form of 2-factor authentication is Google Authenticator. Google Authenticator is a mobile app that is linked to your Google account. The app generates a new code of 6 random digits every 30 seconds. Every time you log in you will have to enter this number code. To be able to log in, hackers must therefore have your login details and have access to the 2FA device such as your phone or tablet. With XTR gateĀ  trading blog .org you can find the deals perfect.

Last Words

Pay attention to 2 factor authentication. The first time you will have to link your 2-factor authentication account to your exchange or wallet account. At the moment you get a backup code that you must keep very well. You will need this backup code if, for example, you lose your phone or it breaks. Without a backup code you will be excluded and it will be very difficult to regain access to your account.